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I am busy preparing for 
and taking our 
Red Leaves Essence to help
with the transition into Autumn
as well as using our new
Autumn Woman Spray Mist
I love this time of year!

2017 is the

Our NEW Spray Mist is just what you need
to support you during the Rooster year

This Rooster year is all about:

- 2017 is the year to be seen.
- Show yourself to others and the world.
- Enhance your image or have a make-over so that you can confidently strut your stuff like Rooster.
- Try public speaking or singing – join a choir or group.
- Be prepared to work hard this year, as it will definitely pay off in the near future.
- Stay away from those operating out of ego and avoid being drawn into gossip or slander.
- Channel passionate energy in the right way – use it creatively (or in the bedroom).
- Stay away from online debates that end up nowhere but a cloud of negativity.
- Speak up for yourself as Rooster brings you the confidence to do this.
- Maintain your integrity and keep your standards high at all times.
- Use laughter and humour to diffuse difficult situations.
- Be kind to everyone and especially yourself.
- Be generous with your time and attention, there is always enough time to just stop and be fully present, especially for someone who really needs it.

And if you have a wobble, don’t worry, one squirt of our Red Rooster Spray Mist will get you back on track.  It contains organic Flower & Vibrational Essences (and channelled energies) combined with essential oils.  It is fantastically supportive and fills your aura with positivity. 

Red ROOSTER 50ml Spray Mist
Positivity for your year ahead
Price: £15.50

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