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YEAR of the Fire MONKEY
Welcome Year of the Fire MONKEY

Fire MONKEY Spray Mist
Moving Forward Energy – Change - Deception – Creativity – Opportunities - Solutions

This Spray Mist supports you on every level as you work with the energy of the Fire Monkey

Fire Monkey brings you energy and drive and helps you to move forward.
It will be a year that financially benefits women.
Be prepared for changes.
This Spray Mist will help you to cope with the unexpected changes that may happen
A great year to get in touch with your creativity and share it with the world.
This Spray Mist contains our 'Creativity' Essence to help with this
Be open to opportunities - there will be more than there has been the past couple of years.
This Spray Mist helps you to remain open and keeps you grounded
Watch your back - deception and trickery abounds - don't rush into anything - check it all out first
This Spray Mist contains a special Essence combination which protects you and helps you to trust your intuition
This is a solution-oriented year, focusing more on solutions rather than problems
This lovely Spray Mist contains another of our special Essence combinations which helps you to have clarity and vision which lead to solutions

Fire MONKEY 50ml Spray Mist
Uplifting - supportive - grounding - all you need to help you work with the energy of the Fire Monkey
Price: £15.50

It's LOVE time!
Artist: Ron Byrum

Try our Love SPELL POT -it''s powerful magick!
You can find it on 'The Witches Tree' page

AND/OR try our
LOVE POTION combination Essence which you can drop discreetly into the drinks/food 
of your intended.
Are you ready to be a Love Ambassador? Then use this Love Potion.
You can find it on our 'Essences' page

It also works very well with our fabulous LOVE BUG Spray Mist which really has the 
attractor factor!
You can find it on our 'Spray Mists' page

Need more PASSION in your life?
Then try our LILY Flower Essence - the client testimonial says it all!
You can find it on our 'Essences' page

Then try our RED POPPY Flower Essence - it helps you get through the pain, gives you strength and helps you to rebirth yourself fabulously.

Is your relationship going through a tricky patch?
Then try ourTRUE PARTNERSHIP Energy Essence - this has been so successful
for many couples.
You can find it on our 'Essences' page

Have you been giving too much lately?
Then treat yourself to our GAIA Energy Essence - it helps you to feel mothered and nurtured for a change.
You can find it on our 'Essences' page

and if you would like any other help or information
just let us know!

(1-2-1 help also available)

NEW YEAR Blessings!

It's a brave new year! 
Avoid making the big mistake most people make at New Year by 
knowing the energies of the coming year and the personal energy 
you are being gifted with this year, in order to help you navigate 
the year ahead with success.


Includes detailed report (information/affirmations and more)
plus a Product from our range to support you on the journey of your year
Find out what personal energy you are being gifted with 
for the coming year

Find out what energies you will need to navigate this year

Receive detailed information about the energies relevant to you and your life this year 
(report lasts from your birthday this year to your birthday next year)

When you understand the energies you are dealing with
you can better navigate your life throughout the coming year

I create a Sacred Space that is dedicated to you and attune to you and your Higher Self.  I then combine ancient Eastern sciences and modern Western techniques to bring you a reading of the energies that you personally, are being gifted with over the coming year, as well as information about the energies for this year that you will be dealing with. 
This is all combined in a detailed report prepared just for you.
You will also receive a Product from our range that will help to support you on your journey of the year ahead.

My area of expertise is Energy Medicine, and I work with all types and levels of energy in all areas of life and dimensions.  I now combine over 35 years experience to bring you your Personal Year Profile.

You will also receive a one card reading 
included in your report
 UK only
PYP + Product
Price: £85.00

  USA only

   Price: $149 (includes shipping)

From another country?  Contact us for shipping costs

NEW !!
Meet the New Year Witch - La Befana

There is a New Year Witch and she is very old.  
Her greatest joy is bringing surprise gifts to all children.  
She knows who has been good and who hasn’t - thanks to the messages from the Wind - and this determines the type of gifts she will put in your stocking.  
Her name is La Befana, and traditionally she visits on the eve of the Ephiphany (January 5) bringing New Year gifts.  

Our special La Befana’ spray mist is filled with her magickal Mediterranean energy and fragrances from her homeland, it will cleanse and refresh your home. Each magickal drop contains La Befana’s magick spell of sweetness and abundance.  

Use her chant (enclosed with each order) as you spray to enhance the power even more. 

It can also be used as an aura spray, which is like receiving a personal blessing 
from La Befana.

The spray mist contains a blend of organic Flower & Vibrational Essences and Essential Oils (chosen by La Befana herself) - Bay - for abundance and healing,
Frankincense - for success, longevity and rejuvenation and 
Orange - for sweet blessings and surprises

The spray can be used all year around to bring good energies into your home.

La BEFANA 50ml Spray Mist
New Year Blessings of abundance and sweetness for you and your family
Price: £15.50


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