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YEAR of the Fire MONKEY
Welcome Year of the Fire MONKEY

Fire MONKEY Spray Mist
Moving Forward Energy – Change - Deception – Creativity – Opportunities - Solutions

This Spray Mist supports you on every level as you work with the energy of the Fire Monkey

Fire Monkey brings you energy and drive and helps you to move forward.
It will be a year that financially benefits women.
Be prepared for changes.
This Spray Mist will help you to cope with the unexpected changes that may happen
A great year to get in touch with your creativity and share it with the world.
This Spray Mist contains our 'Creativity' Essence to help with this
Be open to opportunities - there will be more than there has been the past couple of years.
This Spray Mist helps you to remain open and keeps you grounded
Watch your back - deception and trickery abounds - don't rush into anything - check it all out first
This Spray Mist contains a special Essence combination which protects you and helps you to trust your intuition
This is a solution-oriented year, focusing more on solutions rather than problems
This lovely Spray Mist contains another of our special Essence combinations which helps you to have clarity and vision which lead to solutions

Fire MONKEY 50ml Spray Mist
Uplifting - supportive - grounding - all you need to help you work with the energy of the Fire Monkey
Price: £15.50

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