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Herbalicious BATH BALLS
Full of natural organic ingredients
the magickal Essences and Herbs will soothe away the day
leaving you feeling restored and relaxed

Contains: Organic Sel de Mer, Avena sativa and other Herbs, Flower petals, Flower and Vibrational Essences, and Essential Oils blend, in a cotton muslin cloth, tied with ribbon and packaged in FSC paper.
Natural, organic, gentle and smells fabulous!
These ingredients will cleanse, restore and soothe you on every level.
Hang under running tap then drop into the bath.
You can use the Bath Ball as a gentle skin polisher which enables you to squeeze all the goodness out of it into the bath water.

N.B. Ingredients are compostable after use. 
Muslin cloth and ribbons are reusable/compostable. 
Outer paper (FSC) wrapping compostable (As it has the gorgeous fragrance on it, why not put it in a clothes drawer first to scent your clothes naturally? Many clients love to put the paper in their lingerie drawer).
Sorry not available outside UK as they contain herbs

£5.95 each 
Herbalicious BATH BALL
Organic divine Bath delight
Price: £5.95
Buy a set of three and save £1.85!
Herbalicious BATH BALLS Set
3 x Herbalicious BATH BALLS
Price: £16.00

Sorry not available outside UK as they contain herbs

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