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Handmade HALLOWE'EN GOODIES just for you!

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All you need for your ritual/ceremony/celebration ! 

Fun WITCH MUG - our own design - for your Sacred Brew (hot or cold)
On the back of the mug it says 'Eye of Newt Sting of Bee? This Witch prefers a nice cuppa tea'
+ WITCHES FRIEND Spray Mist (50ml)
+ Witches Hat candle
+ small plastic Skull.



  This little bottle packs a powerful punch.  It contains a special selection or organic Flower
  and Vibrational Essences combined with botanical oils from every Witch's favourite plants
  (Mugwort, Immortelle, Yarrow, Hemlock etc).  It can be used for flying, dreamwork, anointing 
   and as an Amulet.  
   An information/instruction slip is provided with each bottle. 
   Witch ornament not included.

All you need for flying, divination etc. See you in the skies!
Price: £7.00

WITCHES FRIEND Spray Mist  50ml

 Contains: Organic Flower & Vibrational essences and Herbs blended with essential oils, Spells and chants.

 This magickal Spray Mist provides a powerful, yet gently fragrant veil of Witches’ protection 
 around you.  (Those that may feel drawn to you will only be able to go so far before they feel
  the forcefield of protection that is around you.  Then they will realise that you need to be approached with respect).  
 You can also use it to cast a Circle around yourself, others and/or your environment.  It can
 be used as an Aura, environment or casting Spray.

 Perhaps the most powerful aspect of this Spray Mist is the way that it enhances your ability
 to become a receiver/high frequency channeller and transmitter/broadcaster.  It enables
 you to experience messages from all the kingdoms around you and beyond.   All of this is
 done in a delicate, gentle, yet high vibrational way.

 This Spray Mist brings balance and strength to your abilities.  It reminds you of the great inner
 power that you have.  It helps you to achieve balance regarding attracting/repelling so that
 you are protected in all your manifestations.

WITCHES FRIEND Spray Mist 50ml
Organic Flower & Vibrational Essences and botanical magickal plant oils
Price: £15.50


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