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We take a long time creating our Sacred Oils.
We use ceremony to hand-make with love, these
vibrationally enhanced oils for you to enjoy

We are adding to the range all the time, so keep popping back to see what's new

Oils available in various sizes (5ml, 15ml) and types of bottles and rollettes.
Oils contain named botanical and vibrational energies, blended with
pure essential oils in a base of either almond, coconut or rice bran oils.

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correct shipping costs

  KUAN YIN Sacred Goddess oil
This beautiful Sacred Goddess oil contains the channelled energies of Kuan Yin, in a base of rice bran oil, which is gentle on the skin.  It is softly fragranced with organic White Lotus essential oil, an exotic (and expensive) oil to honour the Lotus upon which She sits. This oil is known in all Egyptian folklore as the most precious of oils.  This pure essential oil helps in spiritual advancement and meditation and brings serenity and peace.  This Sacred Goddess Oil will help you to connect to Kuan Yin’s compassion and wisdom, filling you with Her peace and Her loving embrace.

KUAN YIN Sacred Goddess Oil
Blessings from this lovely Goddess
Price: £6.00


This delightful roll-on oil is soothing, nurturing and feels wonderful. It is full of beautiful botanical ingredients.
The energy of the Goddess will support you anytime you feel that you need it.  Easily portable, Goddess Blessings can be used anywhere.  Its soft fragrance merges with the warmth of your skin as the essences get to work.
Soothing, nurturing, healing, this formula will help you to remain flexible during stressful times, will balance and ground your energies and provides gentle but deep healing (it contains our ‘Peyote’ flower/energy essence which is a master healer).  It will help you to move forward in a blissfully relaxed way.  Designed to soothe, blessed by the Goddess and full of Mother Nature’s goodies, this is a treat in a bottle.
                     Presented in 15ml green glass bottle with rollette dispenser and screw cap.

 £17 (inc. p&p UK)

 HEALING HEART sacred oil
- Has your heart been broken?

- Are you still holding heart hurts from the past?

- Are you afraid to open your heart again?

Many things can cause us to feel emotional pain in our hearts.  Sometimes we need some loving support to help us get through it.  

This gorgeous sacred oil has been created with love to help you.  In an easy to use rollette, you can massage it over your heart chakra area to help heal and give love to your beautiful heart as often as you need to.  The magickal Flower & Vibrational Essences in it help to melt away all that you no longer need to hold onto.

It contains a selection of our 'heart' organic flower and vibrational essences (from our extensive range) including rose quartz and has been blended with a selection of organic rose essential oils.  It has a delicate fragrance and is filled with love.  

Presented in 15ml coloured glass bottle with rollette dispenser and screw cap

HEALING HEART 15ml Sacred Oil
Gentle, loving sacred oil to melt away emotional heart hurts.
Price: £17.00

WARRIOR/ESS Sacred Oil (5ml)
With all the strange things that have been going on lately, coupled with the fluctuating energies, many are feeling the
need for extra strength and protection.
This delicately scented Sacred Oil has been especially created
  to provide just that.  It contains our best-selling ‘Protector’ formula and other essences from
  our range, in a blend of Sacred herbs and essential oils that are renowned for their powerful 
  protection and strength giving qualities. 
  The bottle is small enough to pop into a pouch that you can wear on or under your clothing.
  Or you can use it for sacred anointing especially on your Solar Plexus.  It is like having your 
  own personal Warrior/ess with you!
  Please Note:  The plant allies in this Sacred Oil are very powerful and must only be handled
  by you. When not wearing it, you need to keep it on your altar.  This very special talisman
  brings you extra strength and protection for those times when you need it.

Also available as a SPRAY MIST.  
Visit our Spray Mists page FFI.

WARRIOR/ESS Sacred Oil 5ml
For those times when you need some extra strength & protection
Price: £7.00

This wonderful power oil helps you to absorb the magical properties of The WITCHES FRIEND formula in a gentle way through your skin.  Packed with power plants used for centuries by Witches, it enables you to feel empowered and protected. Use on power points, chakras and psychic doorway.
Presented in 15ml glass bottle with rollette dispenser and screw cap.

 £17 (inc. p&p UK)

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