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Merry meet and welcome to The WITCHES TREE !
The WITCHES TREE is a real tree that I stumbled upon by accident when visiting an ancient woodland in England, UK.  I had the most magickal few hours with this tree.  I returned the following year to visit Her and was overjoyed to receive more Blessings from Her.  The third year I couldn't find Her, and we have never found Her since.  It seems She has taught me all that I needed. 
Thank you Witches Tree.  )O(

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Witches Apothecary 
Coming soon - 2018 selection of Witches Herbs, 
gathered in our own Apothecary Garden, Solar and Lunar charged ready for you to create your own spells and blends.

Witch Box (UK only as it contains herbs)
This hand decorated Spell Box contains everything you need to create magickal Spells.  It is crammed with lots of goodies:

The box lid contains an original print, the box is lined in antique map paper, and is inscribed with 'Harm Ye None'. 


- 8 packets of organic herbs, including Witches favourites such as Sage, Mugwort etc. 
(These herbs have been grown from organic seed, tended with love and hand harvested by us in our own Apothecary Garden).

- 3 bottles of magick (including eggshell from organic, free range eggs) and organic seeds.

- 1 packet of Calendula seeds for you to plant your own magickal plants.

- Packet of mini-incense sticks.

- Engraved candle which has been blessed for your candle magick.

- Charcoal burning disk.

- Jar of Magick Salt (finest quality Celtic sea salt)

- House protector

- Crow feather (for smudging)

- Hand decorated mini Wand (for casting circles etc)

- Hand decorated mini wooden Spoon (for mixing your Spell blends)

- Mugwort and Lavender smudge stick (organic, hand made by us)

- Brochure with information about each item and how to use it.

Box size 7" x 5" (18x13cm) approx

Happy Spell Casting! )O(


Spell Pots

White ceramic Earthenware dish
(to keep your candle safe, and which you can re-use for future rituals)
5ml Bottle of organic Flower & Vibrational Essences
(combination especially chosen from our vast range to suit each particular Spell)
Scroll containing Spell 
(channelled especially for each Spell)
Instruction Book
Includes all the information you need to :-
- Set up your Ritual Space (how to prepare yourself and your Sacred Space)
- How to Cast Your Spell
- What colours mean in relation to these Spells
- What Flower & Vibrational Essences Are
 (The one illustrated is the LOVE Spell Pot)

This Spell can be cast for yourself or someone else in need of Healing and/or good Health.

Are you looking for love?  Then this Spell Pot is just what you need.  This is very powerful.

This Spell can be cast for yourself, someone or somewhere in need of Peace.

This Spell can be cast for yourself, someone, something, or somewhere in need of Protection.

This wonderful Spell will help you to call in Abundance that lasts.

The Spells in these SPELL POTS are short but powerful
Do let us know how you get on!

Choose from Health - Love - Peace - Protection - Wealth
Price: £8.50
Choose which one/s you would like::

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